Sunday, March 16, 2014

Curb Shopping Score

Today I was taking a walk through the neighborhood. It's 28 degrees today, but I desperately wanted to get outside for some exercise and sunlight. I guess everyone is getting into spring cleaning, because there was a lot of stuff at the curb. I looked through several piles casually as I strolled by. Most of it was junk. Some things had potential, but I wasn't sure when I could get to more projects (example, a really pretty, but broken, bed. The posts were hollow, so if the tops were removed and a couple drainage holes added, it could have made pretty, 4'x8"x8" planters).

Then I saw it. Two white wire shelves. They were dirty, but not broken. A quick wipe-down and a few dollars on brackets, and they'll be perfect.

I am working on converting a seldom used third bedroom/craft room into a walk-in pantry. I had been planning on buying this type of shelving to hang on one of the walls. This saved me $20 over buying them at the home improvement store, and I kept something out of the landfill

Have you found anything great on the curb recently?


  1. Wow that was a really good find! I could use something like that as I'm in the middle of a similar room make over.

    It's amazing what people throw away, but the good thing is when they put it out so that other can possibly get a second use. Haven't found anything recently but I have found some things before.

  2. MY husband and I recycle monthly, soo, about a year ago we went and as we were unloading we looked over at the trash dumpster and there sat a large wire dog kennel. I'll have you know that thing has been used off and on now for our chickens ever since. Hubbby only had to create a bottom tray, which he did using the sign making material. It is great becase we can wash it and reuse it over an over. At this time it has 35 week old chicks in it. Makes a great brooder.

  3. We just found a great, sturdy stroller last week. We were downtown (we live in a small town) eating lunch and I saw it next to the dumpster. I thought for sure it was broken or pooped on or something. NOPE! Just needed a good scrubbing. It is going to replace our crappy 8 year old umbrella stroller. We'll have cup holders now :)

  4. Great find!! I never seem to find anything curbside.

    God bless.

  5. I just found a little tikes red wheel barrow by a dumpster, just needs scrubbed. It had been sitting a few days. My daughter is only 3 months but I think she'll be a big helper outside when she is older.


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