Sunday, August 27, 2017

Flavoring Mixes for Popcorn

I have a new favorite snack: flavored popcorn. Somewhere in the last few months, we had started eating chips. While I suppose the occasional Pringles pop isn't going to kill anyone, I didn't want to eat high fat/salt/sugar snacks and pay a lot for the privilege. We eat popcorn a lot as a cheap and healthy snack, but it got boring for me. Trucker eats his with salt and butter and is quite happy. As a self-declared frugal foodie, I need some variety, some novelty, some spice.

When we went to the Amish grocer, I checked out the spice blends they offered and I'm so glad I did! Their bulk prices are amazing and they had a decent range of blends. I got a fairly large container for around $2.

I got my cheddar cheese powder (which is seriously one of the greatest things ever), bbq seasoning and a honey mustard powder. My favorite store bought snacks are bbq chips and honey mustard pretzels.

When we popped popcorn with our air popper, I spritzed with some oil and the added a generous sprinkling of bbq seasoning. It tasted very similar to bbq chips. Granted, it didn't have the same texture and not quite the same flavor (I think the main thing is that this is less in fat), but it was pretty darn close. The honey mustard popcorn has since become my very favorite snack.

I use cheddar cheese powder on popcorn, sometimes adding taco seasoning for a nacho popcorn. I also have a zesty dip powder I got at the salvage grocer that is pretty tasty on popcorn.

I can't wait to get back for more yummy flavors. Buffalo. Chipotle Cheddar. Thai Chili. Cajun. Jerk.

Granted, I could make my own mixes. However, with my busy work load, I have noticed that the convenience foods are becoming more tempting. For me, I find that sometimes picking one convenience item is acceptable when it prevents a more unhealthy alternative (pre-made mixes for flavored popcorn compared to store-bought chips). I love being able to have just as many options in my flavored popcorn as there are store-bought chips. I get my novelty, but a little bit healthier and a lot cheaper.

Beckie on Facebook shared: I bought a bunch of ranch dressing packets on sale at our local store and I've used that on popcorn too, delish!

Kathy shared: My kids like it with cheap lemon pepper seasoning.

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