Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Egg Drop Soup, or: The Easiest Dinner Ever

I love going out for Chinese. The entrees are good, sure, but it's the side stuff that rocks my world. The first time I made crab rangoon at home I was in heaven and called that dinner.

Today I made stir-fry for dinner. I was craving some good Chinese restaurant soup. I had some chicken stock in the refrigerator, so decided to try my hand at egg drop soup. Oh my. How had I not been making this for years?

This is simply the easiest, cheapest, tastiest soup I've ever made, and it's pretty healthy too. It takes five minutes, tops. The recipe is not exact; you can tweak it based on how hungry you are, what you have on hand, and how many you are serving. The amounts given are what I made tonight. It gave us enough for four side servings.

1 quart of chicken stock
2 eggs
1 green onion
salt and pepper

Heat the chicken stock on the stove until it's boiling. Beat the egg well. Drizzle the egg into the boiling chicken stock while stirring vigorously. Ladle into bowls, and garnish with chopped green onion. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. That's it.

I make my stock at home, so the cost is negligible (made using bones and veggie scraps leftover from cooking). Two eggs cost me about $.30. The green onions have been regrowing in my windowsill, so we can call those free. This recipe cost me $.08 a serving.

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