Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lovin' the Local Music Scene

I heard that my favorite band is passing through town, so I decided to check out ticket prices. The cheapest I found was $80!  This is common for national acts. The average concert ticket price for 2011 is $31.57. The last few times I've gone to big concerts, I've been uncomfortable because of the huge crowds, and the drink prices were high enough to make anyone go straight-edge.

That's why I go to local concerts. I get a bigger bang for my buck and enjoy some local bands as much as the national acts. Despite what some critics say, this is not necessarily second best. Some of my favorite bands are locals.

The  obvious advantage is the price. A high end local concert usually doesn't exceed $10, whereas the cheapest national act is never so cheap. Often, I find shows for $5 or even for free. I can choose venues where there are drink specials, or everyday low prices. One of my favorite places has $1 beers and free shows, so I can have a night out for a few bucks.

As a locavore, I don't like seeing my hard-earned money going into the pockets of billionaires somewhere far, far away. I would much rather see it go to a person that lives right here. By going to a local concert, my money is going to a local bar owner, concert promoter and band.

My city has an amazing scene. There are many, many talented musicians that it has been my pleasure to see. Once, my favorite local band actually brought me up on stage and sang to me for my birthday! I doubt Alice Cooper would ever do that!

I also buy CDs from local musicians. The price for a new local CD is about the same as a used CD online, and, again, I'm supporting individuals.

Comparing a national act to a local act, there really is little question which is the best deal. Seeing my favorite national act is $80, seeing my favorite local band is $5. Would I really enjoy seeing the big-guy 16 times more than the local one?

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